It was a life-changing decision when I finally choose a new career in my life.

It helps me a lot not just financially but emotionally. They say that happiness only comes when you work with the things you like to have. I am so lucky that I become a Croydon escorts that made me a better person for me. I thought I could not be happy anymore after everything I went through. But becoming a Croydon escorts made me realized my worth and value.


To recall my past life, it was filled with regrets, frustrations, and sadness in me. I can still remember every detailed of my sufferings before, maybe because it was all my fault because I allow people to make things for me. It was my fault because I did not stand for myself before and almost I kill myself because of depression.


I came from a broken family and usually, it wasn’t easy at all. It made me think how unfortunate I am to experience this. It is still fresh on my mind when my father did not leave us; he was a good provider and a good man back then. He took his responsibility to us, not just he bought food at home but he gives love to his family. I can still remember how he surprised me for my birthday. They told me ahead that it cannot be celebrated due to lack of money and he has worked. But at midnight on my birthday, my parents knocked on my door and sing to me a happy birthday. It made me teary eyes because I wasn’t expecting it at all. They bring me a cake and blow the candle; I made a wish hoping my family will stay together through thick and thin. When I go down, I was surprised because it was late but I have many visitors, my friends come over and my parents already prepared something to eat at the table. It was the most memorable day of my life. I am so grateful for having parents like them; they filled me with love and care. I always top in class, either first or second, I aim to make my parents proud and go with me to the stage. I knew that those simple gestures could melt their heart. Every weekend my parents set up a family bonding, we go for a movie date, picnic at the park, or go fishing. Our family bondings mean so much to me, and it feels like I don’t ask for more, and even material things cannot replace the happiness I felt.


But it wasn’t everlasting, the family I thought that would stand through a lifetime, falls down. The empire built was destroyed by my cheater father. He replaced mom with my moms best friend and maybe that was the most hurtful moments of her. He always comes home late, or don’t go home every weekend. He spends too much time with his mistress than us. Our family slowly destroyed until both of them decided to divorce. And my life began to shatter; my mom was depressed, she doesn’t care about me anymore. SHe is out of her mind every time. She doesn’t work, and our grandma stays with us to assist me on her. Until I lost hope and becomes so weak. I met Kevin, and at that time I can’t think properly and depends on Kevin. Kevin is my classmate, we were so young at that time, and we drink every night. I have abandoned my studies because with Kevin and alcohol I am happy and forget my problems in life. Kevin accidentally impregnated me, and I forced him to marry me or else I will make him bad for the crowd. Perhaps that was the most terrible decision I made because I was abused by Kevin many times and keep hurting me.


I escaped from him and began a new life. I applied to become a Croydon escorts to raise my child. Luckily I was picked to become a Croydon escorts and have so many clients met. The time was just right because there are more workers due to Westfield being built. Croydon escorts are more regularly booked now